Mocktail Week

This summer, let's be HOT and HYDRATED.

Keep the party going all summer long by mixing it up with a mocktail. Whatever your vibe this summer, zero-proof options can help you do more — more relaxing, more adventure and more time with friends. Check out alcohol-free options available around Manitoba during Mocktail Week, or if you’re looking to add a mocktail to your own summer bash, try one of our curated recipes.

Do more this summer
with Free, by DrinkSense

You’re free to do more this summer. Dance longer, party harder, and wake up ready to do it all again. Just add a zero-proof option to the mix and see where the summer can take you. Keep an eye out for DrinkSense pop-ups throughout the summer where you can get your own can of Free.

Let’s Order Mocktails. No Questions Asked.

Don’t let other people keep you from a great time.

No one should have to dodge the “Why aren’t you drinking?” question. We want all Manitobans to feel comfortable ordering mocktails by any name for any occasion. This Fall, we launched a series of cans that answered the question, “Why aren’t you drinking?” so you don’t have to. Now, we’re taking it one step further and showing people why they shouldn’t ask the question in the first place.

Introducing: The Beginner’s Guide to Mocktail Etiquette — a helpful tool for anyone who still thinks someone else’s choice to drink a mocktail is any of their business.

Screenshot of the Etiquette Guide
Screenshot of the Mocktail Glossary