Mocktail Week

Mocktail Week 2024 might be over,

but you can still join the party!

You’ll find mocktails across the city and province,
or if you’re looking to add a mocktail to your night in,
check out our mocktail recipes.

Looking for a night out?

Whether you’re looking for mocktails, cocktails, or a bit of both, make planning a fun night out easier and find locations on our DrinkSense Mocktail Map. Please note that some locations will no longer serve their Mocktail Week drink, but will still have other great mocktail choices!

Looking for a night IN?

We have recipes, ingredient recommendations and everything else you need to add a mocktail (or two) to your next house party or quiet night at home. Join the Party!

A person enjoying a mocktail with the text "Let's do Mocktails. No Questions Asked."

Let’s Order Mocktails.
No Questions Asked.

Don’t let other people keep you from a great time.

No one should have to dodge the “Why aren’t you drinking?” question. We want all Manitobans to feel comfortable ordering mocktails by any name for any occasion.

Screenshot of an Etiquette Guide